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Gipsy Kings - Discography (1982-2006) Fix

unprecedented access to the archival ailing was achieved through the moving and effective story of david king, the london press hustler of some repute who took a chance on sun ra and recorded with him personally for his alchemy lp (written in the same style as martin scorsese films taxi driver and king of comedy).

Gipsy Kings - Discography (1982-2006)


one more thing. ra was rumored to be staying in paris at the time he recorded this music. in fact, he later claimed that he woulda likely recorded the malem while sitting alone in the studio. plus, these tracks were all recorded in 1981 or 82 and not long after a ra lease of mystery was released on fantasy records and filmed by steve samuels as the documentary sun ra.

while hunni still includes a measly two songs (a dance mix of eye of the storm and the title-track masquerade) from his first album, they arent even jazz tracks. this is a very cryptic compilation, which even inspired the title.

the sequencing of the tracks are a bit unclear. i have arranged them roughly in order of their listing on the sun ra discography. most titles appear to be written chronologically, but there are tracks on there from different years.

here the solar juke is free-wheeling. the evocative language of musique concrète music in the variety of styles of the montreal electro-acoustic ensemble is as engaging as rhys chatham and tomas youngs latest disc. the only actual piece of music here is the septet instrumental piece hemisextet for alice, an excerpt from birou opus two and previously released on an obscure ra lp in 1970. it is good to see that its probably the only piece of actual music here. it is the closest to the similar-sounding vibration diagram on breath to breath.

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