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[S6E2] Vivian's Here

For a while now Connor has been preoccupied with the reason Annalise chose him to be apart of the Keating 5. Call me crazy, but I don't think there's some dark secret out there that we don't know connecting the two.

[S6E2] Vivian's Here


As Michaela, Asher and Connor gear up for their last semester of law school, they take on a weighty case involving an illegal immigrant who wants asylum. Meanwhile, Michaela boycotts going to class after a blowup with Annalise about her father. Elsewhere, in an unexpected confrontation, Annalise learns a shocking truth that makes her question everything she thought she knew.

With the last conversation with Vivian and Gabriel, I could sense a feeling of betrayal from her. I think She sent him there purposely for revenge. She needed a third eye to keep tabs on Annalise and he was her best bet.

Besides the plans of following up with the previous season's cliffhanger on the whereabouts of Laurel Castillo and her son, other storylines are intended to be depicted in the sixth season, including Tegan Price's past, Michaela's father and his relationship to Annalise, and Vivian Maddox's life and background.[21] According to series creator Peter Nowalk, "Every crime [that's been committed] will come up for grabs, be answered for, and will have to be paid for" and "each character will have to decide what they're willing to do and to see if they're willing to sell other people out."[22]

According to TVLine, a different mystery will be introduced by the end of the season premiere. "There will still be a flash forward in the first episode," Nowalk shared. "It's a mystery that's really big, the biggest one we've done. It makes us get on a high-speed train [headed] toward the end of the show." In the meantime, Annalise is "in bad shape" following Laurel's disappearance, and Nowalk says "we're going to see what Annalise's version of falling apart is". Plus, the FBI's ongoing investigation into Annalise and company "is front and center". Nowalk teases, "They know a lot, clearly. The question is, do they have the evidence to finally charge them? And who are they going to charge?" Additionally, one of Michaela's birth parents will come into the picture in a storyline that Nowalk describes as "very twisty, but also very emotional and surprising. I don't think the parent is going to be anyone you would expect."[23]

A year later, Hector is being deported back to Mexico. He is appointed to the Legal Clinic where law student Connor Walsh takes his case. When meeting him, Hector hides under the table. As Hector doesn't know any English, Connor cannot communicate with his client very well. As a result, Asher, who was helping Hector's case, called a college for assistance. Tegan Price arrived and reluctantly translated for them. Hector then drew a figure who Connor assumed was a gang member. Hector then added I.C.E. to the image indicating that he was scared of the I.C.E. agents who separated him from his mother. Oliver later arrives and has smuggled in a phone. Hector quickly snatches the phone from them and calls his mother. Later in court, Connor calls an I.C.E. agent to the stand which Hector screams and hides under the table. DHS Attorney Ford argues that Hector's reaction was coached. As a result, Connor and Ford argue different presidents. Judge Helen Bines rules in Hector's favor. Now, the judge declares that Hector is to be put into foster care. ("Vivian's Here")

At the start of the episode, viewers finally see how Parissa (Tiffany Lonsdale) managed to escape Rubén in the season 5 finale. Apparently, she outruns him and hops over a fence. Unfortunately, in the process of landing, she injures herself. The following morning, she's pulled over by the police. They take a look at her injuries and see she's a bit incoherent, and they take her to lockup. That's where Teddy comes to rescue her.

Franklin says Jerome was just a weed peddler, whereas Franklin was trying to give him money and a legacy. Things go left as Franklin claims his uncle got "played by the trick" he married. Jerome doesn't take kindly to his nephew insulting his wife and hits him in the face. As Franklin digs into his insults, Jerome slaps him across the face again until Franklin stands up and draws a gun on him.

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